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American University of Caribbean | AUC Medical School

Discover American University of Caribbean medical school a leading international medical school where you can practice medicine in the United States too.

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AACOMAS Deadlines For 2014 Entry

AACOMAS Deadlines all in one place to ensure you have a timely application to osteopathic medical schools.

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Osteopathic Medical Schools

Osteopathic medical schools. Find out all about each DO medical school, where they're located: names, states, official names of the medical school.

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Medical School Admissions Service - Top Experts to Help YOU

Medical School Admissions Advising. Get the help you need and deserve. We're the best at what we do and can make your dreams of getting admitted come true.

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Secrets on How to Choose a Medical School

How to Choose a Medical School. The only ebook you'll need for winning in the medical school application process. Get to yes today with this great ebook.

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Medical School Wait List Strategies

Hey Jason, do you have any medical school wait list strategies? JASON'S RESPONSE: Sorry to hear you've been wait listed. The first thing I'd do is determine

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DoctorPremed Questionnaire

DoctorPremed questionnaire is the place to let me know what you need to know about being premed and getting into medical school.

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My Commonwealth Medical College Interview Experience

Here's how my interview went at The Commonwealth Medical College (TCMC). First of all, I did all of my homework and research on the school while completing

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Residency Interview Questions

During your 4th year of medical school, medical students apply to residency programs to continue their training as physicians in their chosen medical specialty.

One part of this process is to go on interviews at the residency programs you have applied to and are considering attending. Here's some questions one 4th year medical student was asked on his residency interviews:

"What's your favorite type of omelette?"

"Do you watch 'Vampire Diaries'?"

"What do you usually get at In-N-Out?"

"Have you been to MetroRock in Everette?"

"You hate pickles???"

This 4th year medical student was surprised because no one asked him on his residency interviews about why he wanted to go into pediatrics.

Second Year of Medical School, Interviewing Advice and Medical School Life

Today I'm going to share a conversation with my friend Peter who is a second year medical student at Rosalind Franklin Medical School. Get ready for a

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