Let's Be Real...Studying for the MCAT Sucks!!!

No premed ever said, "I'd rather be studying for the MCAT right now."

I'm here to make your time with the MCAT:

  • as painless as possible
  • one time affair
  • and to get you top scores.

Have you ever thought?

  1. How will I ever study for the biggest test of my life and also keep up with my classes and extracurriculars?
  2. I don't do well on standardized tests, but I need to ace the MCAT to show medical schools I have what it takes to become a doctor!

Hurry up, add your name and email to get started on your path to MCAT success. And of course I won't be selling, distributing or spamming your email address (ain't nobody got time for that).

Get Ready to Ace the MCAT...

1. Never have to push back your MCAT test date (and delay your medical school acceptance) because you weren't properly prepared. I give you your specific action plan for studying for the MCAT.

2. Kiss MCAT anxiety and stress goodbye and walk into your exam with calmness and focus when you know the "big picture" of how the MCAT really affects your acceptance. (Half the battle is knowing how the "MCAT game" is played. Most students needlessly psyche themselves out of doing well.

3. Learn what "thinking style" you need to use when studying for the MCAT... (It is NOT the same thinking style you use when studying for your classes). It is THE main reason most of you will fail the MCAT (or have to retake) and therefore shut the door on your medical school acceptance.

4. Learn the fundamental MCAT test taking strategies that most premeds overlook (through no fault of their own) and end up frozen, like a deer caught in the headlights, once they begin the test and can't choose the best answer choice!

Time to standout from the competition and make medical school a reality today. It all begins with having a great MCAT score. Sign up now to put yourself on the path to MCAT success today!!!

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