Johns Hopkins Post Baccalaureate A Start to Medicine

The Johns Hopkins Post-Baccalaureate Premedical program is embedded within an outstanding medical school and hospital.

Aside from the academics at this institution, which will surely help you be successful in getting admitted to medical school, there are a lot of unique opportunities available.

For instance, you can elect to enroll in tutorials where you can conduct clinical or basic science research or the introduction to Clinical Medicine series where you will be exposed to basic clinical issues, and synthesizing science coursework.

These series are taught by renown faculty from the medical school and you will learn to approach medicine from the physician's perspective.

Program Focus

If you are a recent college graduate or a career-changer who has an excellent academic record, never applied to medical school, committed to serving others, and want to enter the medical profession then Johns Hopkins is the ideal place.


The curriculum is structured to meet your individual needs and this is made possible by the flexibility of the diverse course offerings available at Johns Hopkins.

One great aspect is that the program director will work to develop a personalized course schedule prior to your enrollment. Meaning everything is in place to ensure your interests are met, complements your previous academic background and most importantly will help you to achieve your career goals. There are four standard tracks from which you can choose:

  • Track 1: Summer through the following summer (14 months)
  • Track 2: Fall through the following summer (12 months)
  • Track 3: Summer through the following spring (12 months); linkage track you will be enrolled in three lab science courses simultaneously
  • Track 4: Fall through the following spring (9 months); a linkage track open only to students with several prior courses in science and math.

One requirement of the post-baccalaureate curriculum is a full-year of calculus. If you have not taken Calculus I, it is encouraged that you do so before enrolling.


Johns Hopkins offers a premedical program for individuals who have done well in their undergraduate studies and are deciding to pursue medicine for the first time. You will need to have a GPA of 3.0 or better and show you have performed well on a standardized test.


All decisions are made on a rolling basis and the earlier you complete your application, the sooner a decision will be made. Please be aware the general time frame for a decision is one month after your application is complete.

Your application will be reviewed once the following have been received:

  • Submitted application
  • Official transcripts from all high school and colleges (regardless of length of attendance)
  • Standardized test score of: SAT, ACT or GRE
  • Two completed evaluation forms: faculty member from your major area of study/another faculty member/employment supervisor
  • A resume
  • Non-refundable application fee of $60.00.

Although not required, volunteer work or employment in a health care field is recommended.


The period for completion of the application and all supporting materials is September 1 to March 1, but it's highly encouraged to apply by February 1.