My Affiliate Program - A Great Way to Earn More Income

Earn a 50% Affiliate Commission Every Time a Visitor You Refer Purchases a Product. Please join the DoctorPremed Affiliate Program.

  • Blogger (premed, med student, doctor)
  • Premed advisor/consultant
  • Academic Institution
  • Premed Society/Club

You could be earning money each and every month by joining my commission based affiliate program.

For every visitor who you send to DoctorPremed and they make a purchase you receive a FULL 50% commission of the sale. This is a very generous program which requires very little work on your end.

Affiliate Program Details

  • You'll be on your way to making money 24/7. How would you like to be taking an exam, in the library, or sleeping and finding out you just earned a commission?
  • DoctorPremed uses a proven tracking system in E-Junkie to ensure you get your commission on time, every time!
  • Your commission will be paid monthly, for each month on the 15th of the subsequent month after the sale and deposited directly into your PayPal account.
  • This is a win-win situation. There are no minimum earnings requirements or penalties for month(s) without earnings. You simply can't lose!
  • 50% Commission on each sale.

Four Easy Steps to Joining

Step 1

If you do not have one, open up a free PayPal account so that your commission payments can be sent to your securely.

Step 2

Join DoctorPremed Affiliate Program
Take 2 minutes to sign-up and Join our Affiliate Program which is FREE.

E-Junkie is the company which will track affiliate sales. All purchases and your commission payments are guaranteed by them, as well as by DoctorPremed, and handled securely through PayPal.

Step 3

Once signed-up at "," follow their simple instructions to become an affiliate for my products.

Simply follow the instructions provided by E-junkie to include your "hop-link" code on your web site or in emails and you will be set to begin making sales.

Any time a visitor clicks on this link, they will be taken to my sales page and a cookie (valid for 6 months) will ensure you get credit, even if they return to the sales page without going through your link at a later time/date to make the purchase.

Step 4

Please note affiliate web sites are subject to review. Although your account is activated immediately by E-junkie, your affiliate application is subject to final approval and may be cancelled if you do not provide a URL for the web site or blog where the DoctorPremed products will be promoted.

Submit your URL using the form below.

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You cannot sign up for the DoctorPremed Affiliate Program just to get a 50% rebate on your purchase. The affiliate commission will not be paid if the affiliate purchases the product him/herself, unless there have been at least three previous sales made through your affiliate link.

Any questions? Please contact me. I'd like to help you join the DoctorPremed Affiliate Program.