Hey! Glad you're here. I'm Jason Spears and I have one goal: to get you into medical school!

Maybe you're concerned about the MCAT. Or you're afraid you don't have enough of the right extracurricular activities to stand out against the competition. Perhaps you're feeling the pressure from your parents to become a doctor and you don't want to disappoint them.

You aren't alone. I've been in your shoes. The stress of being premed and trying to get top grades in some pretty tough science courses while juggling a full-plate of extracurricular activities. Being terrified of the MCAT because everyone told me it was the make or break test for getting into medical school.  

But guess what?

I overcame the same hurdles you're facing and I am now enjoying life in medical school. Especially, meeting patients and introducing myself as, "Student Doctor Spears."

I want the same for you too.

Why you can trust me?

Student Doctor Spears

I've been grooming myself to be a doctor for as long as I can remember. I know exactly what you should and shouldn't be doing to ensure you have your best chance of getting into medical school.

For starters, I spent four years being involved with the premed society group while an undergraduate at Northwestern University, with my last two years as president of this student group. Believe when I say I made contacts with practically everyone in medicine you'll need on your side as an applicant. 

I like to call my friends in medicine your premed dream team of:

  • AdComs
  • Physicians
  • Medical Students
  • Pre-Health Advisors

And you can bet I'm still on a first name basis with all of my colleagues in medicine.

This works in your favor as a premed student.

When you come to me for help you're not just getting my advice, instead it is the combined experience of individuals who are truly dedicated to your success and becoming a member of the medical community as future doctors. 

You may be wondering how I got started down this path with a website and all.

It was actually by accident. After graduating undergrad, a lot of my friends would ask me for advice about medical school admissions. I took the time to meet with my friends and answer their questions but after awhile I noticed a pattern. Many of my premed friends had similar questions with slight variations.

Being the efficient and practical guy that I am decided let's just streamline the whole process. I decided starting a website would be the best route. In my head it would allow me to share all my knowledge beyond one-on-one sit downs and would also be available to anyone, anywhere 24/7. 

And there you have it the birth of DoctorPremed in August 2008. 

I like writing and sharing my knowledge with you about getting into medical school but over the years this website has grown to include over 200+ pages. If you're in a rush and looking for highly actionable content to move ahead as a premed student then it's a must you checkout my ebooks. 

Last but not least, let me help you by joining me on my monthly newsletter. I send out timely advice, tips and strategies that moves you closer to your medical school acceptance. Wouldn't it be great to have a knowledgeable guide walking you step-by-step through your premed years...well, today is your lucky day.