Never Question the Miracle

Never Question the Miracle: A Surgeon's Story with Anthony Santaniello is the story of Rose-Marie Toussaint, MD a Haitian, female immigrant who lives up to the promise told to her at the age of seven that she would become a physician.

I must admit this book is one of my favorite reads of all time. For anyone who needs to hear a story about perseverance, fighting against obstacles, and never giving up on your dreams I highly recommend this book.

Dr. Toussaint recounts her story with a personal touch and an inspiring message of even though she was not accepted into medical school the first time she never gave up. One quote from the book which I like goes like this:

If you had committed yourself completely, you could not say that the commitment left you with nothing for yourself. You had committed yourself completely. There shouldn't have been anything else left. You didn't want anything else. You were completely at one with your choice. You had agreed that fulfilling the promise could take as much of you as necessary, all of you if necessary.

This is very inspiring in itself, because the doctor is stating that no matter what comes her way she will not be deterred from the miracle spoken to her that she would indeed become a physician. For Dr. Toussaint, her path is not straight-forward, but ultimately the Chief Surgeon will pass the torch to her as she becomes the head of the liver transplant service.

Who Should Read

I believe this book is a must read for any underrepresented minority and/or female who is interested in medicine. It is also great for individuals who have found getting into medical school to be tougher than expected. Below is an excerpt if you are questioning why you must learn what is taught in your basic science courses or simply do not understand the purpose of your work:

I don't think I yet understood that what I was doing was laying the foundation for a life study of science. I don't think I understood the relationship between the problems I studied and the life of a doctor of medicine. I probably had not yet fully realized that becoming a doctor would involve work, hard, unrelenting, disciplined, often body- and soul-consuming work, from dawn to night and then some.

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