Ben Carson

Gifted Hands, by Ben Carson, M.D. is a dramatic story of an elementary school class dummy, who despite many obstacles becomes a world renown neurosurgeon.

Dr. Carson recounts meeting with his academic advisor while in medical school, because if he did not improve his grades he would be kicked out of the University of Michigan Medical School. Well, Ben Carson, M.D. did more than just get his grades up, he went on to become the youngest director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital at age 33.

When reading this book you will gain an insider's glimpse into the life of a man who grew up in a single family home in Detroit, had a mother who wouldn't let him watch television, and who almost stabbed his best friend to death in a bout of rage. This novel also provides many insights into the life of a neurosurgeon who operates when other surgeons cannot and performs amazing surgeries such as separating conjoined twins.

Who Should Read

This book is an excellent read for any individual who has even doubted their chances of being successful in school. Dr. Carson grew up as the dumbest student in school, but decided he would change this aspect of his life and achieve great things in life, his mother always telling him, "Ben, you're just as smart as everyone else." With her encouragement and enforcement of only on TV show per week Ben was admitted into Yale University for undergraduate school.

Essentially, this book is an autobiography detailing the life of a man growing up in a poor, urban environment, without a father who beats many obstacles in his life to become a neurosurgeon. This book offers hope that no matter what type of situation you encounter there is, light at the end of the tunnel. Not to mention, you will gain insight into one of the most intricate and demanding of all medical specialties, neurosurgery.

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